Motorola, Shimano, Majesty Cruise Lines, Costa Cruise Line, The Golf Channel, Norwegian Cruise Lines, AvMed, Aurafin, AT&T, ComEd, Fine Art Lamps, Rand McNally, RC Beverages, Sun Microsystems, Perry Ellis, Burger King, et al.


TBWA, GREY, CP&B, Tinsley Advertising, Bieber, Silverstein, TAG, Turkel Brands Advtg., BBDO, Leo Burnett, Pinkhaus, GSDM. et  al.


Travel & Leisure Magazine, National Geographic, TV Guide Esquire, House & Garden, Cooking Light, The Wine News, Conde Nast Traveller UK ,Fast Co., The Miami Herald, Aboard Magazine, Selecta, et al.


2009 AIA Photographer of the Year, CA Photography Annual, Graphis, Print, How


Cuban-born Jose R Molina works for major ad agencies, design firms and editorial clients.